call schedule

Schedule Auto-Attendant

Businesses are considered open in the daytime and closed during the night. Global UC auto-attendant service can be designed to answer incoming calls on a 24-hour/day basis depending upon your business needs.

Global UC Auto-Attendant answer in many ways.

Answer Always

Set your location Toll-Tollfree number to call forward to the auto-attendant pilot number when no one is available to answer the phone, and then UN-forward when you no longer wish to have the Auto Attendant answer calls.

Answer During Business Hours

Set up an after business hours schedule time. Then, the auto-attendant will play the after working hours greeting during the designated time schedule.

Answer During Other Times

Set up a holiday or time-based schedule, then the auto-attendant will play the holiday greeting during the holiday, instead of the business hours or after hours greeting.

Routing Table

The operational schedules are tied included within a routing table. The routing table applies the business day schedule and a holiday schedule to an incoming called numbers. Then you can assign a schedule to the auto-attendant mailboxes you want to handle the calls at various times.