Professionally Greet and Route Your Callers

Our best Cloud Auto Attendant Solutions, IVR System suitable for large and small enterprises.
Connect your customers to the right user or Department

We help enterprises to get connected to the right user by setting up an IVR or Menu system to reach the right user or department, without human interaction, so that not a single lead can missed.

We offer an industry best cloud auto attendant solution which is used to configure call flow (IVR or Menu system) for external and internal callers move through a menu or IVR system to reach the right users or departments like sales, support, accounts, etc., in your organization.

Cloud Auto-attendant welcomes callers with an automated receptionist and lets them choose which department or extension to be forwarded to. Global UC auto attendant system allows you to create unlimited call attendant menus and includes many cloud PBX features at no extra cost. Our cloud auto attendant allows you to manage automated forwarding rules like call attendant greetings, voicemail features, call recordings, and many more from an intuitive online interface. Purchase or port a phone number with UC Globe and try reliable auto-attendant solutions.

Key Features
Speech Recognition

Our industry best speech recognizing technology helps the users to navigate the menu through their voice to eliminate DTMF issues in the devices and it saves time for entering the user names or department names.

Call Queues

Our cloud auto attendant system has an intelligent call queue mechanism to hold and distribute calls to the users based on the priority set up. Multiple phone numbers configured to a Call Queue for load balancing.


Set up a call flow to reach different users or departments at other times of the day. The unattended calls will go to voice mail due to the user busy or other reasons, so you will not miss a lead.

Easy Call Routing

With call routing, take charge of your business calls, and manage your business professionally and exactly the way you want.

Powerful & flexible Tools Included in Your Auto Attendant
Professional Greeting

Your professional greeting is very important as it can be the first a caller has with your company. You create an easy, yet powerful company greeting to reinforce your business image and leave an enduring impression.


Use this automated answering service to welcome callers with your company greetings and announce department or staff members with the extensions to allow callers to select the particular extension. Each user you can set up customer service like, comes with voicemail, email notifications, custom greetings, call forwarding, and many more.

Dial By Name

Make it easy and faster your callers to connect to people in your company. Your Dial-by-Name directory will save your prospects, customers, and employees time and provides callers a far better experience interacting together with your company.

Improve your business with cloud auto attendant.

Handle Incoming Call Efficiently.

Our cloud auto attendant system helps your business to handle incoming calls efficiently. And our feature-packed cloud auto-attendant route and forward the incoming call to the appropriate user or department. The call quality dashboard helps you to check the call status to find customer service quality.

Our cloud auto attendant helps to improve the incoming call volume by routing the calls to multiple destinations. The self-service options are provided by cloud auto-attendant to the callers to avail the information and assistance without talking to a live person.

Enhance Business Reputation

Our cloud auto attendant will make your business appear like a much larger company. You can further enhance your business presence and reputation using a complex IVR system. The additional options provided by the complex IVR system will make the callers feel like communicating with a large enterprise.

Your businesses can take advantage of our cloud auto attendant without building and maintain on your premise. Call management features and real-time call analytics provided by the cloud-hosted IVR solutions help your business monitor and handle incoming calls efficiently.

Advantages of Cloud Auto Attendant Solutions

Our Pricing
Our Pricing Plans
Standard Plan
$ 8.99 /User /Month
$8.99 per month for a Standard Cloud Auto Attendant (CAA) Solution
Features included
  • Unlimited user to user calls
  • Unlimited PSTN Calls to USA and Canada
  • Unlimited Fax
  • Unlimited Audio conferencing
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls from anywhere
  • Business Toll/Toll-Free Numbers in over 60 Countries
  • Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
  • Team Messaging
  • Web Conferencing - 25 Participants
  • Desktop Sharing / File Sharing
  • White Board
  • Click to Call / Meet

Professional Teams DR Plan
$ 9.99 /User /Month
$9.99 per month for a Professional best cloud Auto Attendant for Enterprises.
*standard plan features plus
  • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
  • Unlimited PSTN Calls to USA and Canada
  • Unlimited Fax
  • Unlimited Audio conferencing
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls from anywhere
  • Business Toll/Toll-Free Numbers in over 60 Countries
  • Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
  • Hot Desking
  • Contact Center
  • Web Conferencing 100 Participants
  • Voice Mail Transcription
  • Call Queues & Reporting
  • Barge in / Listen in / Whisper / Call back

Enterprise Plan
$ 14.99 /User /Month
$14.99 per month Best and powerful Auto Attendant for Enterprise.
*Professional Teams Plan Features Plus
  • CRM Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho and more
  • Receive CRM Calls into Microsoft Teams Client
  • Make dial-out calls using CRM with Teams
  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Unlimited Call Recording
  • Skill-based Routing
  • Real Time Statistics & Monitoring
  • Switchboard
  • Wallboard
  • Website Live Chat
  • Custom SMTP Server
  • Web Conferencing 250 Participants
  • Custom IP Phone logo
  • Inbuilt Failover
  • 24*7 Support