Cloud based hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems for your enterprises

Cloud Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for your business

Our Virtual Number interacts with customers and routes calls effectively to the appropriate department through IVR Solution.

Increase satisfied customers by the immediate solution to their concerns and automatic processes like billing and necessary information. Save costs by reducing disturbance and increasing agent productivity.

Our Benefits
More leads for your business

Use our IVR system to address callers with their name and direct them to department or appropriate person based on their call history, purchase history, and location

A professional image

Using our IVR system, respond to all customer queries professionally. Reduce the waiting time for the customer and automate support processes to resolve their queries in time.

More call handling capacity

No more peak hour call load! With Global UC Cloud IVR Solutions in India, you can handle up to 50 calls concurrently.

Boost agent productivity

Cloud IVR solutions delighted to help customers to handle most queries such as billing, and other information, by themselves. The IVR would allow agents to infuse time on more complex client issues.

Cloud Hosted IVR solutions packed with powerful aspects

IVR Service System available 24*7

With our IVR systems, your business is available for your customers 24x7, and you can record messages and enable voicemail on non-working and off days. It allows your customers to know that you will get back to them as soon as you back to work.

Call recording, real time reports and analytics

Using our IVR system respond to all customer queries professionally. It reduces customer waiting time and automate customer support processes and resolve their queries in time.

Time-based call routing

You can automatically route calls to your agent’s mobile phones after working hours or leave a voice message for the caller, allowing them to know that your business never missed a call.

Programmable extensions with multi-level IVR

You can configure your IVR number in your business required country with a menu and multiple sub-menu options. Filter down your customer inquiry by routing them through the right channels down to the right person to holding the specific issue.

Easy CRM integration

Integrate our smart IVR system with salesforce CRM company and make and receive calls, record data like caller details, call duration, time, caller location, the conversation, etc.

VIP IVR number

We provide a pool of international and domestic virtual and toll-free numbers for you to choose and your IVR number should be a special as your company.

Sticky agent

With our hosted IVR service, connect one particular caller to the same agent for better customer inquiry and fast resolution.


Hosted IVR allows you to block unwanted callers when important calls and clients conversation.

Scale as easily as you set up

Scale up or down as per your needs without infrastructural inconvenience. We are just a call away!