Virtual Number

Enterprises of every size can now benefit from a Cloud Business Number
Are you looking for a virtual number. We offer affordable Local and International virtual Number for enterprises

Give a single destination to your global customers

A virtual phone number has no physical phone line or presence required in it. Global bussness can do anywhere vertical & manage calls remotely 24x7. Calls can route through virtual numbers that can track and monitor for performance. Global businesses can use virtual number incomeing calls route to the right agents based on an IVR input.

Features of a virtual phone number

Smart Call Routing

Automated call distribution feature automatically redirect customers calls to the agents based on their requirements.


Get complete campaign reports, analytics, and caller location for all inbound calls directed from virtual numbers.

Smart Call Forwarding

Users can forward their calls to several phones, so they can remain reachable even when on the move.

Universal CRM Integration

Global UC virtual number integrates with leading CRM apps. Synchronize customer information from distributed sources to create a customizable dashboard.

Multiple Call Handling

A virtual number allows you to handle more calls at once and increase call pickup ratios without being concerned about peak hours.

Local and International

Get virtual numbers from global markets to make your business location skeptic.

Efficient 24/7 Support

Receive 24/7/365 support to function smoothly and run your business's highly professional identity.

Hosted Services

Global UC’s virtual number solution customizes IVR flow, facilitates CRM integrations, and provides API to cater to a client’s business needs.

Support VOIP and PSTN Calls

We support traditional PSTN and VOIP calling in international markets through Microsoft Teams

Benefits from Virtual Phone Number

Convert More Leads

You will never miss a business leads with a virtual number that routes calls to your department. Record, monitor, and respond to incoming business calls to manage customer expectations.

Get Quality Leads

Rate the conversations and measure the callers sentiment with customers to categorize leads spotting with the auto-identify keyword feature.

No loss of information

All your conversations and customer informations are routed through one number.

Manage Business Calls Anytime, Anywhere

With call forwarding, you can manage your business calls from anywhere at any time.

Safeguard Employee and Client Identity

Virtual number solutions can protect the identity of both employees and clients by masking personal numbers.

Boost Agent Productivity

Intelligent call routing detects the idle agents and directs customer calls to them.

Market places

  • Never miss a business lead.
  • Track all phone conversations.
  • Map with Leading CRM app.
  • Show your supplyer partners the real picture.
  • For multiple transactions, you can rotate the same number and save costs.
  • Use VIP Numbers which are fancy and easy to remember to increase your global footprint.
  • Use a different virtual number for every promotional campaign or location.
  • Track the traffic from medium and calculate ROI.
  • Track call analytics for these numbers to optimize advertising spend and target viewers.

How businesses use Global UC virtual numbers

Marketing ROI

Marketing campaigns can be evaluated by using virtual phone numbers

Dispute Resolution

Using the call tracking feature, you can easily resolve customer disputes and confusions

Lead management

Connect vendors and buyers with virtual numbers to build an effective lead management system.

Number Maskig

Using virtual numbers, you can connect customers to drivers, delivery personnel, or vendors without revealing their phone numbers.