Boosting education sector growth

How does Global UC help the education industry?

Cloud-based communication solutions provide seamless operations to the education sector while catering to students and stakeholders' needs. Establish a collaborative learning environment that allows faculty, students, staff, and vendors to collaborate from wherever they are.



The Bulk SMS role also improves conversions. Student information such as price notifications, schedule shift time, and informing students about exam details.

Voicemail Box

All calls can be forwarded to voicemails when teachers cannot take calls. A student may leave a message here explaining the purpose of the call or asking for a callback.


Students / Learners select and receive responses from the choices offered by the IVR.

Routing Calls

Call Routing quickly puts the students in touch with the right faculty.


A scheduler prevents conflicts between students and educators. It fixes the times of training sessions and courses. Students can easily select from the slots available.


We satisfy the needs of the education industry


Regardless of how the weather is, A VOIP cloud-based phone service works effortlessly and never fails.


With our VOIP service, you can communicate with mentors and learners from any device and any location in the world. Also, help teachers to link as many learners as possible there is no limitation on phone lines.


Online instructors can remotely teach from their homes with the Cloud. They can make full-fledged use of the VOIP phone system features like calling and video conferencing to hold discussions, live lectures, and a lot more.


Announcements can make through messaging and campaigns to meet thousands of people in one go, and with the IVR, students can direct to the particular departments as per their press inputs.

Achieve full versatility as well as scalability for your education business by using a cloud telephone system for education.