Information Technology

Communication freedom all in one with programmed call flows

How does Global UC help the IT industry?

With Global UC's easy-to-use and fast-deployed Cloud-based voice, video, AI-enabled speech analytics solutions, you can manage multi-channel communications effortlessly. Our all-in-one communication platform offers deep analytics, real-time reporting, and many other features so your teams can work more effectively.

Important Features

Deliver a seamless engagement platform to a diverse group of customers with ease.

Virtual Number

Cloud Telephony operates via a virtual number that can be mapped to devices or several phone numbers. This simple number allows you to accept multiple calls, voice mails, send automated responses, view call information, listen to call recordings, etc.

Real-Time Screen

This is an exceptional aspect of Cloud Telephony that guarantees 100 percent call quality and lets businesses keep an eye on the activities and output of employees.


IVRS allows all inbound calls to be conveniently coordinated. This enables customers to reach one-on-one through voice configuration and DTMF inputs to communicate with a computer.

Some of the IVR features include

  • Welcome Message
  • Single and Multi-level IVR
  • Intelligent routing system
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Automated Email notification to user


Integrations are the finest aspect of the Cloud Telephony solution. Well-defined APIs incorporate the telephone system across channels making it a simple affair.

ROI Tracking

Connect Missed Call Solution, Virtual Business Numbers to your online and offline marketing campaigns to create a unified multi-channel platform.

Important Benefits

Extensive Flexibility

When the employees are not present in their workplace, they can take calls and answer support queries. Any smart device along with a secure internet connection is all they need.

Communication Control

You can take advantage of the call recording feature that allows you to record every incoming and outgoing call that helps enhance overall business communication with your team.


Cloud-based solutions can be updated quickly. You can easily transition to the new software which gives you the benefit of reliable security

A transition from a conventional on-site telephony system to cloud telephony is a smart business step.